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25 Years of Yoga for Pregnancy & Childbirth


This is my 25th year of teaching yoga to pregnant women and to celebrate I would like to put together a slideshow of women (with or without partners) and their families over the years.

The slideshow would go on facebook, my web page and youtube. If you would liike to take part this is what I would like from you

1. a picture of you and your baby (with or without partner)

2. a picture of you and your child NOW or a recent picture (with or without partner)
If you came for more than one pregnancy please send a picture of you with more than one!

3. and the year on each picture, no names would be used.

Ideally please email the pictures. Deadline for pictures is the 30th June. Slideshow ready by 1st September.

I hope you think it is a good idea and would like to be part of it. However, I do understand that not everyone would like to take part.

I had initially thought of having a party, however, have now come up with this idea!!

Please forward this email to anyone you know who came to me when they were pregnant.

Best wishes, and thanks,